How to acquire and redeem the Igxe card?
2019-10-24 15:00:37

1. Register an account on

2. Click this link to find our merchant on

3. Select the key you want and click View offers

4. Click buy now

5. Click View cart.

6. Go to checkout.


7. Choose your favorite payment method and click Continue.

8. Click to pay.

9.Order success, wait for the payment confirmation. Usually it will take 10-15 mins, once the status is updated, you will get a notice from email and support ticket on the site.

If your PayPal email address didn’t match the registered account email, you should confirm your email first.

10.Click confirm email and go to your registered account email to confirm it.

11. ID verification required for the first order on gamivo.

12. Upload files as the site required.

13. You will get the key automatically after the payment confirmed.


14.You can also find the key in your gamivo account.

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